We got married at Martha Clara Vineyards on June 25, 2016 and if you ever get married there or need a caterer elsewhere: go with Irish Coffee Pub! For starters, Stephen, the caterer, is on top of EVERYTHING! He was incredibly attentive to our questions and was always available to meet when we needed (my husband and I live in Washington, DC and often had very narrow windows of time to meet). He knew the venue inside and out, and, because of his great leadership and highly professional staff, everything went along smoothly. The food was absolutely delicious; I keep getting compliments on the food–not only that, but he made sure my husband and I had time to actually eat at our own wedding. And it was so affordable! Irish Coffee Pub not only serves amazing meals, but the cake and glassware/flatware rentals are included in the price. Plus, Stephen has an amazing Irish brogue, how could you not love that?