Our 50th Nursing School Anniversary was approaching and although we are scattered across the U.S. we wanted to get together. It was difficult to find a place with a small room to accommodate us and we really did not want to just go to a restaurant.
My friend Linda and I went to check out the rooms and we were shown Dublin Court. It was beautiful and just what we needed. The fireplace was an elegant focal point and we were able to add our own touches to customize it with memorabilia.
Stephen was wonderful assisting us with food and beverage choices.
The day of the party Jose was assigned as the main server and he was very helpful.
Food was delicious and service was great….I apologize because we overstayed our welcome as no one wanted to leave!
Planning was a seamless affair.
If you are in need of a private room for a small group look no further!
Kathie Cotnoir